General: Partisan Preppers is dedicated to the following general goals that will help you understand what takes place during a collapse, what can cause it, and what to do about it:

  1. Provide a means for preppers to locate one another and establish Mutual Assistance Groups, commonly referred to in the prepper community as MAGs
  2. Furnish a blog for preppers to discuss their common interests
  3. Offer an operationally secure (OPSEC)  conduit and guidance for preppers to establish Bug Out Facilities
  4. Present comprehensive information and guidance to individual preppers and the prepper community as a whole on the following subject areas:

– Discuss those things that have the potential to trigger a societal collapse that results in a state of absolute anarchy

– Analyze  how we arrived at this point of near economic collapse

– Provide guidance to individual preppers on the various things you can do to prepare for the collapse

– Consider what can be done at the national level to assist citizens to defend against bad guys and/or invasion

– Discuss those things the survivors must prepare for to reconstruct New America after the die-off


The remainder of this page provides you with a more detailed description of what this site is all about.

Recognizing the initial stages of a collapse, being prepared for it, and having a viable national, state, and local coordinating strategies to cope with the aftermath is crucial. For our nation to survive the inevitable die-off and retain a stockpile of–or have the ability to produce–sufficient material resources to support their subsistence needs while adjusting to their new normal condition is critical. The survivors must also have retained the Judeo-Christian moral principles that support return to constitutional governance in accordance with the vision of limited central government and individual rights as promulgated by our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming the basis for America’s self-rule by the people as provided by the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.

Here, the focus is, primarily, on potential events, that could initiate an absolute state of anarchy, the most obvious current threat – a complete economic collapse. The collapse may be abrupt or protracted, taking place within a few days or weeks, or within a few minutes, in the case of electromagnetic pulse (EMP), asteroid strike, or nuclear attack,. As you will see, government bankruptcy is the most probable cause of a collapse.

If you are not a prepper and considering America’s current, uncertain, economic future and extremely hostile political environment, the two most important questions you can ask yourself are:

  1. What would I do in a nation where there is no law, where burning cities, gang violence, murder, rape, massive numbers of refugees, colossal deaths, widespread disease, and famine are common?
  2. If I become a prepper and nothing happens in my lifetime, what will I have lost or my descendants gained to secure their futures?

It is certain that the majority of those who remain standing after the first 180 days will consist of preppers, survivalists, and refugees willing to cooperate with the preppers and survivalists. Keep reading if you want to learn how to increase significantly your chances of being among the survivors.

Purpose: This site provides a survival preparation guide—a technical manual of sorts—that addresses events whereby the entire nation falls into an absolute state of anarchy. The prepper world refers to this as the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI). It does not address geographically limited disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, the Loma Prieta Earthquake, or other manageable social, economic, or political conditions in which random, limited areas of anarchy may occur, but government resources exist to bring about a return to civil order.

By studying the information provided and undertaking the actions described herein, you will reach the state of being fully prepped, i.e., a survivalist. You will exceedingly enhance your ability to contend with the absolute worst of conditions this country has ever experienced.

Premise: This site uses the term ‘a state of absolute anarchy’ to emphasize the fact that its premise unquestionably does not include any lesser scenario. This material does not address being prepared for a localized disaster situation where unaffected Americans can come to the rescue. Under a state of absolute anarchy, there will not be any unaffected Americans.

Clarification on Anarchy: To ensure the information contained herein is not misconstrued, let it be known that the site owner supports—and has sworn to uphold and protect—the Constitution of the United States of America and does not endorse, advocate, or promote overthrow of the government, unlawful civil disorder, anarchy, or any other action that may be interpreted as antigovernment in any way, fashion, or form. Conversely, the owner’s objective is to provide information to American citizens that facilitates their efforts to 1) prepare for a possible societal collapse in the early part of the 21st century—with the potential for an absolute state of anarchy—and 2) assist in restoring constitutional rule of law once the die-off has run its course and civil order is restored.

It is important to understand the difference between those in American society that advocate anarchy and the potential for a state of anarchy to evolve on its own. Delve deeply enough into their philosophy and you see those calling for anarchy see themselves as the arbiters of determining social and economic interactions. They have a Utopian worldview that is no different those who naively advocate for socialism.

Your Research Responsibility: It is not feasible to explain all prepping information and actions to include every specific detail in this site. There are simply too many subject areas for any single site. However, this site provides sufficient details where necessary to ensure the reader does not wonder about what to expect or where to find the minute details.

Other Prepper Information Resources: Numerous Internet resources and fiction and nonfiction books written by expert survivalists provide excellent prepping information. Many of the fictional writings present useful prepper information through storylines that have interesting, entertaining characters. A quick Internet search using the terms prepper books, prepping, or survivalist will produce loads of prepping and survivalist resources.

Site Organization: Partisan Preppers information pages contain three parts, available under main menu dropdown items PRESENT-DAY RISKS, BECOME A SURVIVALIST, and STRATEGIES AND AWARENESS.


Part 1 focuses on the potential causes of a societal collapse and the resulting phases of a state of absolute anarchy. Part 2 addresses individual and group prepping. Part 3 provides a strategy to address overall national security issues and subjects pertinent to formation of well-regulated militias.

(For ease of reference, the chapter numbers carry over between the parts.)
Part 1

Part 1 analyzes potential events that would bring about a societal collapse and the inevitability of a government bankruptcy. It also discusses the three expected phases of the die-off.


Potential for Societal Collapse:  Evaluates known potential events that would give rise to societal collapse, including economic, political, and social conditions and natural calamities and includes the degree of probability for each event to occur.


Potential for TEOTWAWKI: While there are a number of events with the potential to trigger TEOTWAWKI, most are only remotely possible.

address all commonly considered triggers and the degree to which they are likely to occur. All triggers relate to the fact that cities store only about a three-day supply of food. When the food supply is depleted, expect uncontrollable rioting, looting, and gang violence to ensue. The truth is that we are just nine meals away from inner-city societal collapse.


Chapter 3. The Inevitability of Government Bankruptcy: Examines how the Progressive Movement brought about a dangerous imbalanced transfer of power from Congress to the Executive Branch of government relegating citizens to a status lower than that of the President of the United States. It also reveals the inability of government to continue paying the ever-increasing costs generated by the welfare state, a situation that will soon drive the government into bankruptcy, and hence, the entire nation into chaos.

Chapter 4. Anatomy of Anarchy – The Die-off: Provides details on how societal collapse morphs into a state of absolute anarchy and the resulting massive population die-off.
Part 2

Part 2 furnishes basic instructions on how to become a fully equipped prepper and eventually a survivalist. It addresses the issues individual preppers and prepper groups must consider and act on. Preppers at all levels of expertise that follow these discussions and recommendations will gain knowledge and insight into the actions needed to greatly enhance the chances of surviving the die-off and prospering during restoration of New America.

Chapter 5. Survival Needs: Chapter 5 gives a broad overview of human survival needs based on the rule of three: Anyone in good health can normally live three minutes without air, three hours under extreme weather conditions without shelter, three days without water, and three weeks without food. Keep these in mind when developing your written plans, preparing your BOB/GHB, and establishing your BOL.

Chapter 6. Fundamental Prepper Questions:  Discusses the elemental issues facing all preppers, regardless of expertise and offers an overview of what prepping entails.

Chapter 7. BOB and GHB: Furnishes considerations for Bug Out Bag (BOB) and Get Home Bag (GHB) requirements that enhance a prepper’s ability to survive the initial stages of a state of absolute anarchy.

Chapter 8. Group Survival Strategy: Examines the reasons everyone should either join an existing prepper group or organize their own.

Chapter 9. Prepper Skills and Gadgets: Furnishes information on life after the die-off, including materials and tools necessary for off-grid living skills that increase the chances of surviving the collapse, the die-off, and long past the point that your two-year food supply is depleted.

Chapter 10. Becoming a Survivalist: Activities guide that uses the information previously presented to direct you through attaining fully prepped status, i.e., becoming a survivalist.

Part 3

Part 3 provides information on the current national security strategy and offers a general strategy that brings together national, state, and local governments. It will be vital for government at all levels to develop a network of well-regulated militias to contend with gangs and other bad guys, maintain civil order, and counter the potential invasion by a foreign entity. This part furnishes guidance on the treatment of refugees and considerations for reconstruction once civil order is restored.

Chapter 11. Current National Security Policy: Furnishes insight into the documentation necessary to guide  national security and emergency preparedness at the federal, senior leadership level.

Chapter 12. National Security Strategy: Provides a broad framework for organization and cooperation between the federal, state, and local community levels to counter internal civil strife and regain civil order, resist and overcome aggression by foreign invasion or terrorist attack, and serve as a moderating force until civil order is restored and routine law enforcement, the judiciary, and other government entities are reestablished.

Chapter 13. Militia Organization and Operations: Describes the relationship between federal, state, and local governments that will be required to ensure constitutional implementation of well-regulated militias to attain the goals set forth in Chapter 12 and defend against foreign invasion.

Chapter 14. Gangs and Other Bad Guys: Addresses the basic actions prepper groups, communities, and militias can take to resist and eliminate gangs and other bad guys.

Chapter 15. Helping Refugees: Provides guidance on how to prepare for and assist refugees. The goal is to coordinate with the surrounding community to provide refugees with their survival needs while helping them become self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency requires physically and mentally capable refugees, with assistance from the community, to construct survival shelters, produce and process food for storage, and/or participate in security and other community activities.

Guiding Philosophy: For those that are capable, if you work, you eat. If you do not work, you leave—forcibly if necessary.

Chapter 16 Recovery and Rebuilding: Discusses general considerations for the survivors that enable them to begin the process of creating New America—once the die-off has ended. Bad guys are either eliminated or converted to social respectability, and civil order is restored.

Chapter 17. Prepper Communications: Provides an overview of the different communication systems  available to preppers in the event common carrier services are disrupted, including  communication within the local community, nationally, and internationally.

Chapter 18. Judeo-Christian Principles: Examines the need for preppers to retain their Judeo-Christian principles when dealing with bad guys and refugees.

Appendix 1.  Contains inventory lists for your home, bug out location, bug out bags, firearms, ammunition, gardening tool lists, seed banks, and other items helpful to preppers to determine their specific needs. (See note above.)

Appendix 2. Contains templates that facilitate prepper planning and actions. (See note above.)